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About our company

JEA Indústria Metalúrgica Ltda., located in Mauá, in the Greater ABC region, at a 9,898.96 m² property, featuring a 7,136.17 m² built area, has been successfully working since its establishment, in 1986, in the metalworking area, continually being updated to catch up a technologically evolving market, and thus assuring the reputation achieved.

We count on the most modern equipment and machinery, together with qualified suppliers, to provide high-quality products and services. We rely on experienced professionals at our engineering and development department to distribute and mount electric, hydraulic, mechanical, and general supporting equipment to develop any kind of item or help you choose the most suitable component for your needs.


 JEA Sul

In Curitiba, Paraná State capital city, JEA SUL is a wholly-owned distributor to serve the Southern region. With an on-site inventory, it provides quick service with agility and efficiency.