JEA INDÚSTRIA METALÚRGICA aims, via this instrument, that excellence and technical-commercial competitiveness standards are the only ones to be considered in the bidding processes, quotations, and all and every type of relationship involving commercial disputes. It also aims that its staff, portfolio of suppliers and customers know the practices of ethics that guide all processes where JEA INDÚSTRIA METALÚRGICA is included and that guide its conduct for over 33 years of the company’s existence.

Therefore, we provide our Compliance, Disciplinary, Ethics, and Anticorruption Conduct handbooks, in addition to a denunciation mechanism to any disciplinary and ethical misconduct events, thus being an instrument that assures us communication with the society surrounding us, in possible actions that convey a posture that is not aligned with such patterns, regardless they were conducted by the company’s employees from any area or hierarchical level, who respond for the company’s processes.

This mechanism will be directed to the company’s HR department, which will contact the entire Compliance team for the due disciplinary and ethical misconduct ascertainment and investigation measures whenever there is any occurrence.

The denunciation mechanisms available are: a) Via website, on the Compliance tab, which will be received by the denunciation channel at JEA (HR) via e-mail. b) Via phone number (11) 4547-6000 extension 6030, from 9 AM to 5 PM, answered by a company’s Compliance team member. c) Via mail and/or in person, at the following address Rua Rinaldo Chiarotti, 407 – Sertãozinho – Mauá/SP, ZIP Code: 09372-060

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    Your data will be stored in secrecy and checked by JEA INDÚSTRIA METALÚRGICA LTDA.’s Compliance team. The company will adopt reasonable measures should the denunciation is confirmed, following the Compliance team investigation.

    Once the investigation has been opened, the investigated party’s defense rights will be assured.